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About us

National Marketers PLC, founded in 1996, has established an excellent reputation as a trustworthy and reliable partner for organizations seeking comprehensive solutions for their office and information technology needs. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to identifying and executing the best goods and services to fulfill the unique needs of each customer.

Our global alliances with major brands like Kyocera, Epson, HID, HikVision, SAP, Alcatel-Lucent, EAST, etc. expand our portfolio and ensure that our customers receive best-in-class products and services.

What Makes Us Different !

Extensive Industry Experience

With over 27 years in the industry, NM has the knowledge, financial capacity, and expertise to provide the best solutions for your business.

Comprehensive Solutions

Our diverse service offerings enable us to cater to a wide range of clients' needs, ensuring they have access to the most up-to-date technology and services

Customized Approach

We tailor our solutions to each client's specific requirements, ensuring maximum efficiency and return on investment.

Strong Partnerships

NM has established partnerships with leading manufacturers and vendors to ensure access to the latest products and technologies

Exceptional Customer Service

Our commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart, with a dedicated team of professionals available to support our clients every step of the way.

Our Products

Document And Office Solution

We provide a comprehensive selection of office equipment including single-function and multi-function printers, scanners, servers, projectors, power backups, and note counters from top manufacturers.

Technology Solutions

Discover our holistic Technology solutions, offering a range of software and ERP systems, comprehensive university Learning Management Systems (LMS), power backup solutions, and enterprise computing. We also provide robust network and data center solutions, including network design. Enhance your business operations with our integrated technology solutions.

Security and Access Control Solutions

In order to conduct business, organizations of all sizes and shapes in Africa are becoming more and more dependent on digital information and electronic transactions. As a result of this trend, strict data privacy compliance requirements and data security laws are being introduced.

Banking Solutions

We excel in crafting and customizing software and banking solutions for diverse industries. Our expert team collaborates closely with clients....

Our Partners